CAPS Collaborative

CAPS Collaborative was established in 1975 to create programs and provide services for children with a wide range of special educational needs. Each CAPS program has a distinct design. Each child’s unique personality, strengths and needs are carefully studied by a team of experienced professionals. These teams along with parents create individualized programs. In each class, students have compatible skills, learning needs and styles, and behavior. Multi-disciplinary programming is provided. Therapeutic services are integrated into the curriculum and daily program. CAPS classes are integral parts of local public schools. Our students range in age from three through twenty-one. Students participate in appropriate inclusion activities. Children with low incidence special needs are placed in Collaborative classes. They receive instruction, treatment and carefully planned and supervised activities. The Collaborative’s faculty represents the disciplines of special education, clinical psychology, speech pathology and the allied health professions. Our staff is respected for their caring and sensitivity as well as their expertise. Students requiring medical attention are monitored by the nursing staff. Family/home-centered skills-training may be provided for individual students.

CAPS Collaborative est. 1975

  • Commitment to every aspect of the organization
  • Demonstrate quality and responsiveness
  • Customer-focused organization
  • Integrate quality, integrity, respect, and teamwork
  • Demonstrate accountability
  • Cost-effective programs and services
  • Comprehensive programs and services
  • Dedicated/Respected Staff
  • Multi-disciplinary programming
  • We take pride in our programs!